The Peking-Paris Adventure
The famous transcontinental race from Peking to Paris hold in 1907, had its revival 90 years later as an oldtimer event. The Englishmen Nigel Webb and Derek Radcliffe took part at this 17.000 kilometer torture with a Jaguar Mk VIIl. An adventure of which many competitors underestimated the strains. "The heat in the Tibetan and Pakistanian deserts mostly took a lot out of us" Webb told, "and the dense clouds of dust, we had to protect against with cloth on our faces…"96 teams were moving through China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Austria, Germany and France. "For some regions no roadmaps were available. In Tibet we found our way by a compass and with the help of aviation charts. There we lost three complete days." The Jaguar team at least belonged to the 80 crews that reached the finishing line within the scoring and qualified itself to the 8th place in its racing class. "We only had two serious breakdowns: A broken triangular steering bar at the left front wheel and a broken driving shaft. We replaced the defect bar at the wheel suspension with a concreting steel bar, that was welded by a helpful mechanic. This will hold for the next century. And the repair of the driving shaft was made by Jaguar in Istanbul." The finish to Paris was carried out "very comfortable" by the drivers of the dark green MK7 saloon.

The Jaguar Mk VII in Lhasa (Tibetan capital)
with the Potala palace in the background.