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Invitation to the 2nd Baltic Meeting
of JAGUAR Big Saloons
(open for all Jaguar models)

DOWNLOAD: 2nd BIG JAG BALTIC MEETING > the application form

Your application form should reach the organizer
end of June July the latest.


The 2nd BIG JAG Baltic Meeting (2nd BJBM)
at 14th of August 2004 from 10:00am to 6:00pm will again be arranged under the motto:


INVITATION: The editor of website this year is inviting again all Jaguar enthusiasts (and those who want to become in future) to his special event, the JAGUAR big saloon meeting at Neustadt /Holstein, a nice little fisherman's harbour placed at the Luebeck Bay (South end of the Baltic Sea).

INTERNATIONAL EVENT: This year is the first time, that invitations were also sent to foreign Jaguar-Clubs. As well the information was spread in the Internet via Jag-lovers website (saloon-lovers list). We do hope, that many international Jaguar enthusiasts will join the meeting and we would really enjoy to welcome them.

GERMAN BIG CATS-REGISTER: As new Big Cats registrar of the Jaguar Association Germany (JAG), it is of a special interest to the organizer, that many members of the S-Type/420 & Big Cats Register will take part to his event. And so he is asking these members (as well as all other JAG members) and all international Jaguar Enthusiasts, to spread this event information to as many friends as possible: Please come with all your Jaguars of all types. Give them motivation to join our meeting and make it more interesting for all of us, by the presentation of many beautiful cats.

BIG JAGS ENTHUSIASTS: All BIG JAGS -website enthusiasts who guided us, sent us their contributions and gave us motivation from the beginning of this website – they are very welcome by heart, with their beauties or without.

ALIENS WELCOME: All owners of other British veteran car makes are welcome. And if somebody wants to join our meeting with a veteran car of non-British make (aliens) we will not send him home.
In 2002 we even had a considerable concentration of excellent restored veteran tractors on our adjoining meadow-land, which were proud to find remarkable interest from our visitors. They also are welcome again.
WHAT IS ON: At our first BIG SALOON meeting we had 25 Jaguars and altogether 50 veteran cars - and this is what we are aiming to exceed. First of all we had much pleasure - and we will have again. Especially the guided tour trough our home region, the Eastern Holstein countryside was successful and should be done again. The barbecue of the Schashagen fire brigade was tasty, food and beverages we had enough for everybody and many visitors had joy and fun with the life music of our Blues & Rock band in the afternoon. We will try to repeat this funny success. For having chances to enjoy a beautiful day with excellent weather conditions, the event date was changed from September to August. But in 2002 the biggest show of all were the veteran car enthusiasts themselves presenting their impressive beauties. This is why we hope, that many of them will join in with their remarkable cars.

APPLICATION FORM: Please be quick, make a download of the application form and send it to the organizer. Those enthusiasts who send their application in time, are invited to our informal and friendly AFTER EVENT PARTY (Summer Night Party). But please remember: applications have to reach the organizer (BIG JAGS editor) until end of June July the latest, so that we will be able to plan appropriate preparations.

AWARDS: Veteran drivers with the longest journey here will be awarded (only if registered in time).

CHARGES: Due to the travel expenses of all participants we will prepare our event without asking any charges (like we did in 2002), but donations for our website are always welcome (see sponsoring). Same conditions for our exhibitors: we are asking no stand charges, donations welcome.

EXHIBITORS WELCOME: We are still looking for exhibitors, if possible with Jaguar- or automobile- orientated products or services.

GENERAL CONDITIONS: No guarantee for a veteran car exhibition place if not registered in time. As we ask no charges, there will be no legal right for any announced service.

SPONSORING: This meeting will be sponsored again by the Northern section of the Jaguar Association Germany (JAG), by Stevie's Garage (Eutin/Holstein) and by the H.F. MEYER (host company). Additional sponsors will find a very warm welcome.

ROUTE TO EVENT PLACE: Via A1 Puttgarden > Luebeck, junction Neustadt/Holstein (South). Detailed information how to find in Neustadt see flyer or follow meyer signs or event signs in the Southern industrial estate of Neustadt until you reach 'Industrieweg 35' (direction to the wind energy plant).

HOTEL RESERVATIONS: Reservations can be made by organizer if registered in time.

Enthusiasts, you are welcome.

The organizer

DOWNLOAD: 2nd BIG JAG BALTIC MEETING > the application form

Attention: Applications now should reach
the organizer until end of July at the latest.



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sponsoring by
Firma H.F. MEYER GmbH & Co KG

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