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On 14th August 2004 the "Jaguar big saloons" met again for celebrating their great day at the border of the Southern Baltic Sea  in Neustadt/Holstein, Germany. This meeting was organized  by members of the Jaguar Association Germany (Northern Section), Stevie’s Garage (Eutin) and the big-jags-team. BIG JAGS BALTIC MEETING
As the rare Big Cats should not feel alone, they were surrounded by many attractive Jaguar cars of different types. The event war announced via the German JAGMAG and via this website. [more...]
BIG JAGS BALTIC MEETING 22 participants started at noon to a 90 minutes tour which based on a professional roadbook, prepared again by Angelika Klein.
Taking the attractive street along the border of the Southern Luebeck Bay (Baltic Sea), the Jaguars coming from Neustadt visited  famous seaside resorts like Sierksdorf, Haffkrug, Scharbeutz, Timmendorfer Strand and then turned via the green  Holstein back-up area back again to the "meeting area". [more...]
Meanwhile on the meeting ground people were cheerful coming into contact, shop talking and taking pictures. (more...) BIG JAGS BALTIC MEETING
The Schashagen fire guard again had prepared their nice barbecue and the helpful female staff of  the host as well as several  female club mates had baked 17 different cakes on their own initiative, which were all successfully sold. This was helping to reduce the cost of the free club meeting, which also were caused by life music performances.
BIG JAGS BALTIC MEETING Club mate Werner Ahlschwedt, who was motivated by the host  in advance to make a professional video movie, did his work fully concentrated with the assistance of his daughter as sound operator,  and so he was able to forget, that acting in a height of 6 meters in the cage of a fork lift truck…

..normally is not the “real thing” for him. We are looking forward to the ready BJBM2004 video, that will be available for everybody from the end of 2004 via the editor (information coming soon on  this page).

It was the first time, that the BJBM classic car event was followed by an After Event Party in the evening. It was a friendly cooling down  after a sunny day and an entertaining conclusion  for registered participants and guests. BIG JAGS BALTIC MEETING
Anyhow 80 ladies and gentlemen were guests of the JAG Big Cat Registrar and they friendly contributed  to the donations glass, which  was also dedicated to the future existence of this website. The evening event again showed extraordinary JAG club spirit, because by suggestion of  Uschi Grote, several club ladies had prepared salads, dips and vegetable snacks for the guests. Chilli, grill sausages, bread, wine and  non alcoholic drinks were served from the house and  fortunately there was enough beer  until the end in the early morning. During the evening the longest travels form participants were awarded  like promised. Jyri Järvenkylä  from Lahti (Finland) with his fantastic self restored Jaguar Mk7 in Regency Red undoubtedly had to win the first price., because Microsoft Auto Route calculated his travel with the impressive distance  of 1.207,6 kilometers. Thanks again  Jyri. [more...]

The late hotel shuttle service was included in the free BJBM arrangement of the organizer and the valuable classic Jaguars were safely kept in the event hall. Obviously most of the participants must have had pleasure, the last goodbye was said on 7pm the following day. Jyri sent an email on 19. August, letting us know, that his Jaguar Mk 7 "Old Lady" safely took him home to Lahti , together with  his very nice wife.

Sending of  BJBM pictures by participants to our webmaster ( is generally including the consent of showing them on this website.



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