JDC feiert 50 Jahre Jaguar Mark Ten

Dear Jaguar Mk 10 - Enthusiasts

our beloved LADY TEN will be 50 in short. 
She was introduced to press and visitors

This jubilee we, the German Mk 10 enthusiasts, want to celebrate as it should be. And this is why we invite all Mk 10 owners to join our celebration party in Wulfsen near Pattensen on 22tnd Oktober 2011, beginning at 10:00.

We meet on Bernies farm where you will find Bernie,
Germany‘s greatest Mk 10 enthusiast together with
some other Mk 10 lovers with their cars,
Please understand, that because of space we can only welcome the Mark 10 and 420 G Jaguars.

We will offer soup, grilled sausage and drinks for low prices.
If you prefer fine food, please bring with you in your boot.
There will be no entrance charge, but you shoud give us
a written announcement before September is ending.

As we have no possibility for overnight stay, please book a hotel yourself in the near cities of Winsen or Lüneburg,
Event address will be:
D - 21445 Wulfsen, Pennbargweg 2
So would you please inform other TEN-owners and then
check your distance to Wulfsen.

Best regards from
Bernie & Robert

contact data:
Hans-Bernhard (Bernie) Backhaus
21423 Pattensen, Wulfsener Mühlenweg 1
email hans-bernhard_backhaus@web.de,
web www.jaguar-unikate.de
Robert Meyer, editor of www.big-jags.de

1 x Google Maps-file to find Wulfsen/Germany
PDF-file 356 kb
1 x Jubilee-Logo (to print it yourself)
PDF-file 1,8 MB
1 x Jubilee-Flyer (to print it yourself)
PDF-file 360 kb