What is the intended effect of this website?

JAG fanatic man

Saving as many sound Big Saloons as possible
The editor of this website is a Jaguar enthusiast who wants to make his contribution for saving as many Jaguar Big Saloons from wrecking as possible. This is why he is trying to increase the interest in these dreamlike and beautiful limousines and to help finding the right value judgement on these cars. But please be sure, that you know about the cost before starting an expensive restoration project.

Bring the Big Saloon- lovers together

BIG JAGS wants to bring Big Saloon-lovers together and to support the exchange of information between those Jaguar-lovers who like both – the British and the American way of motoring.

The first idea for the naming of this website was "BIG CATS". But the domains www.big-cats.de and www.big-cats.com were already occupied by some cute pussy-cats. So we had to find a new name. The title of a reference book on automobile big cats seemed to fit well.
The name of this website means an abbreviation of "Big Jaguars", an expression you may find e. g. as a title of Graham Robson's well known book: "The Big Jaguars…"
(see literature).

BIG JAGS is no club.
You may believe or not, but this website is only a private initiative of a single person - it is no club!
It is edited without any financial interest and directed to Jaguar saloon-lovers and interested persons.
And it was made for those who like it big, especially when they are thinking of cars.



Jaguar Mark 7M meets Jaguar Mark 10

Your infos and contributions
Your supporting contributions and suggestions to the themes of this website are welcome (see contact/mailbox).



JAGUAR-information and contributions
General and relevant Jaguar – information you will find in the categories "Events", "News", "Links" and "Finds".

Collection of a BIG JAGUAR SALOON Enthusiast

The BIG JAGS website is the personal notebook of a BIG JAGUAR SALOON enthusiast.
Iin the meantime this notebook has been considerable enlarged, so that one may name it a collection.
At the beginning BIG JAGS was put in the web for giving to other enthusiasts and interested persons the opportunity to participate for free in all information, that the editor collected on JAGUAR BIG SALOONS since 1997. But this free service naturally must be limited. And so the editor has to think over a financial contribution of his visitors, for having the opportunity to show some more BIG JAGS information on these pages (see imprint & sponsoring).
Most of the editors JAGUAR experience came from his home region and so these information cannot be representative in any way for the JAGUAR BIG SALOON situation in Germany. As far as experiences are reported or companies are mentioned, these pages are only showing a small section of German Jaguar scene from the personal view of the editor.

In future the BIG JAGS website will continue growing part by part as the material collection is containing much information that still is not be put in the web. And how fast the growing will be is depending on your contributions.
As confirmed by many visitors, BIG JAGS website meanwhile has become an interesting source of information for JAGUAR BIG SALOON –lovers all over the world and has been recommended by most of them. For all these recommendations the BIG JAGS team (see imprint) wants to thank all visitors by heart.

2005-01-19     The BIG JAGS Editor


Home of the German "BIG CATS" - Register

BIG JAGS website also is the home of the JAG (Jaguar Association Germany)
S-Type & BIG CATS- Register.

S-Type/420 + Big Cats
Conditions for the use of the JAG emblem on these pages are:  linking the JAG club website www.jaguar-association.de (click emblem) and the naming of the register. The club registrars are collecting information to their specific Jaguar models, give (as far as possible) technical advice and purchase recommendations to club members.
The club registrars are exclusively working for the club members of the JAG, except of efforts for winning new members. A membership application for joining the German JAG you receive by downloading the application pdf  in German language:>> AUFNAHMEANTRAG JAG (Application form to JAG)<<


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